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Asthma Questions: The Hygiene Hypothesis

Question: I’ve heard something called the “hygiene hypothesis” being referenced when discussing asthma. What is this? Answer: The “hygiene hypothesis” is a school of thought presented by certain medical studies, discovered during investigations in to why asthma is seemingly on the rise. While by no means a new condition, cases of asthma have been steadily rising since records began. Certain medical studies have tried to find out why this is, and along with environmental factors, the hygiene hypothesis has been suggested for this rise in cases. “Hygiene […]

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The Ins and Outs of Asthma Treatment

Although asthma is defined as a chronic (i.e. long term) illness, it is not usually life threatening – and for most sufferers becomes more of an annoyance than a genuine threat to their well-being. As one of the most common non-life-threatening illnesses in the world, asthma is well studied by medical research scientists, and as a result there are several treatments available. By far the best known asthma treatment is via medicine inhalation. The primary medicines used in inhalers are beta-2 agonists (for relieving an acute attack […]

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Asthma Questions: Which Inhaler Is Which?

Question: I know that inhalers comes in two different specifications: “reliever” inhalers, for when an attack hits, and “prevention” inhalers for general use. However, I am worried that in the panic of an attack I will forget which is which. How do I identify between the two, and if I do accidentally use my “prevention” inhaler during an attack, is it going to cause any problems? Answer: First and foremost: no, there is no harm in using a preventative inhaler during an asthma attack. It will not […]

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